Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Neko Eidse

Hello Everyone,
Here at long last is the official announcement that we (Derek and I) have had a son. Neko was born July 7, 2007 at 9:29pm in Winkler, Manitoba (it's a long story) weighing 8 lb 12 oz. We were out in Rosenort at Derek's parent's place for Derek's grandmother's funeral and then stayed an extra day because Derek was videotaping a wedding in the area. I figured I'd be able to give him a couple hours notice if labour started so he could call his assistant to come and replace him if need be and we could make the 45 min drive back to the city and have our home birth with our midwife. Things took off pretty quickly and Derek's parents ended up calling an ambulance, (Derek got to the house right behind the ambulance) and we drove in it to the nearest hospital which happened to be Winkler, where Derek was born. They couldn't get ahold of the on-call doctor so they took the doctor from ER until my midwife arrived (she was out at Folkfest but got the page and drove out to Winkler). She didn't have privilages at that hospital but there was no one else and the ER doctor had to go back to ER so she took over. All in all things went very well and we left the next day for home.
Neko is doing well and we are still pondering a middle name (we have 30 days to come up with one).


seano said...

patrick is an excellent middle name :) it means "noble"

Kristi from Canada said...

That is a great story! What a twist!

Vikki said...

he's adorable! Congratulations to you all!!!

Tiffany said...

i have a good friend who is DESPERATE for a homebirth midwife in winkler, Manitoba, Canada.
do you know someone who does births there????? i found you on google :)
please email me if you have any information.