Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eidse Christmas Comic 'O7

Click on Pictures to see full-size.


Anonymous said...

that's not a christmas comic, it's a dominic showcase with a smattering of neko. and that picture makes eli look fat. and you're all awfully cute in the family picture. except you, derek. sorry, you're just not cute. fuzzy, yes, but not cute.
good job posting again so soon after the last post. way to go!

Derek said...

Hey anonymous, get out from behind your mother's apron and declare yourself so we can all see who the critic is...or are you afraid of looking fat?

Anonymous said...

your mom is fat.

Elsbeth said...
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Elsbeth said...

Hi Derek,

thinking back at my time in Brasil I thought maybe I find you if I google your name. To my suprise i got many hits. You are famous!
Well I had to let you know that i found you. And you' re married to Joy! I remembered that you said you would ask her to marry you when we where in Brasil.
I got married with mark, he was my boyfriend at that time. We have two daughters they' re 3 years and 5 months old.

Good to ' see' from you again.

from the netherlands