Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kevin & Sadie's Birthday Photos

Click the link above to go to the Flickr Slideshow


Anonymous said...

hey joy,
how are you? wish i could have been there for the birthdays! i cant view the pictures for some reason....:(
take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Miriam,
That's too bad about the pictures. I heard you made it to China all right. Are you guys getting any warmer yet? Sounds like a bit of a chaotic beginning.
We watched your wedding video before the birthday celebrations. IT was beautiful!


Anonymous said...

hey joy! well it is beginning it warm up here. we also found a way to communicate to the landlord that we were FREEZING, and he told us how we can turn on the heat in the apartment. we are finally kind of getting settled...we dont think there will be too many more surprises. and yes it was a crazy beginning to our journey here...frustrating! im still trying to see if i can get the refund for some of our they had promised and later backed out of. arg! anyways, things are good. i am enjoying my job, the students, my co-workers, etc. can't wait til i get more comfortable with teaching and such.
glad you enjoyed the video! it was hardly how i pictured it to be but it was still a wonderful and fun day! i decided the morning on the wedding that i would enjoy whatever the day brought i did. i havent watched the video yet, wanted to wait til we got the edited version.
take care!